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Incising timber by creating small slits or pin holes in the surface of the timber to improve uptake and penetration of preservatives has long been recognised as an accepted method for improving the durability of timber and increasing the life span of wooden fencing posts.

The incising equipment comprises of pressurised rollers with knives or pins that penetrate the surface of the timber before treatment with the preservative.

Advantages of Incising
  • Incising helps to reduce cracking/splitting of the wood , by evenly destressing the wood prior drying.
  • Produces a deeper and more uniform "envelope" of wood preservative.
  • Improved penetration and retention of preservative.
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Incising is the only process that can generate the minimum 6mm penetration that is required for a minimum of 15 years of service life expected as required by IS 436.

Celcure C4 is a new wood preservative on the Irish market which is optimised for “in-ground” contact timbers.

Celcure C4 is the strongest preservative currently available on the market and has been used extensively throughout Europe for close to 15 years.

When used with incised timber, this tried and tested wood preservative offers the best protection for “in-ground” timbers such as agricultural fencing posts.